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Tremendous TRE

Learn TRE, a somatic stress management tool (developed by Dr David Berceli) as TRE can support you to maintain your health and wellness – psychological as well as physiological.

TRE are simple but powerful exercises that help your body to release deep muscular patterns of stress. This supports you to return to a state of balance, e.g. a more relaxed nervous system – and can have many positive knock-on effects (like relaxation, resilience, better sleep, less pain, burnout prevention, grief support etc.)

Once you've learned TRE, you own this tool for life and can take your health pro-actively into your own hands, well, body.

I teach TRE mainly online for the time being (which is great as you can be in your favourite place).

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Address St Augustine's Road
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Phone 07904 427122
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Contact Name Sylvia Tillmann
Last Updated 18/01/2022
Complementary Therapies, Mental Health, Other, Physical Health, Bereavement