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Southern Water

For this current financial year, Southern Water are setting up a new fund to help vulnerable customers who may be struggling financially or need additional help in some way, such as with repairs in the home or white goods etc.

Detail of the scheme:

There are three different types of support available –

* Up to 50% one year bill reduction for customers who have hit temporary hard times.

* Debt write-off of up to £2000 for customers who have managed to get back on track with payments but will never be able to repay their debt.

* Grant of up to £1000 to make improvements to a customer’s home (this might be the purchase of white goods that a customer cannot afford to replace, repairs to heating or water systems that they cannot afford, etc.)

Referrals must be made by a professional.

Contact Southern Water Affordability Team for more details.

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Last Updated 06/05/2021
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